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Cinja Tillmann, World Championship third

Transparency for more plain language

Especially in the area of sustainability, many fairy tales are told. That's why this page is your personal look behind the scenes. Take a look, feel us out. We can only get better if you believe in us. And for that you have to be critical with us at one point or another.

Red card for greenwashing

Communication without aberrations

We don't adorn ourselves with misleading eco-labels that only check whether the end product is free of pollutants while neglecting production. We also don't pretend that CO2-neutral shipping exists. And we don't put tree seeds in our hangtag just to have a nice marketing story.

Our claim: If we claim something, it has to be true. And if we are still wrong, you are welcome to bang on the table. That's the only way to get better. So that you can form your own opinion, we disclose our certificates along the value chain and give you full insight into the externally prepared Sustainability Assessment (completed in February '22).


Transparency along the chain

The textile value chain is more complex than one might think. That's why there are various certificates along the entire chain, for example on the materials used in the textiles, the production process (including the dyeing process), hangtags, polybags and packaging material, etc. A lot of detail, but worth a look...

Sustainability Assessment

Performance analysis and training plan

Sustainability: One goal, different paths, you never arrive. But give up because of that? No way. Instead, just like in sports, it's all about doing your best. The things you haven't yet mastered perfectly are included directly in the training plan. And it's best to have an external coach draw it up, with a neutral view of your own performance. Transparently, even if it hurts here and there. Our coach is not just anyone: Katharina Schaus, co-founder of GOTS and one of the most recognized sustainability experts in the textile sector.