Sustainability Assessment

We stand for "True Sports. Made Sustainable." Honesty and transparency are our cornerstones. We asked ourselves what it actually means when we think transparency through to the end.

That we ourselves write about how sustainable we are? Many do, often in CSR reports (Corporate Sustainability Report). It reads like marketing. Not our way.

Instead, we asked ourselves: What do you do as an athlete if you really want to improve? You hire an external coach with a neutral view of your own performance. The best one you can get.

We chose Katharina Schaus, a particularly rigorous and experienced expert. Over 25 years in the business. Specialized in textiles. Co-initiated the GOTS label. And she tested us. And really, really thoroughly. In short: She took our company apart.

We received a lot of praise from her. We scored very well in 9 out of 17 criteria. Another 7 criteria were seen as strengths, with small gaps. Two criteria were identified as weaknesses with potential for improvement.

So there are also points that are not yet perfect. We are fully aware of this and would like to communicate it openly. If you scroll down, you will find the entire report. Unfiltered.

Katharina Schaus writes: "Sustainability is always a branching path, you never reach your goal. The Starting 10 has already gotten off to a good start and has remained steadily moving toward sustainable brand development."

We're proud of that good start. And we love to keep moving. In sports and when it comes to sustainability.