THE STARTING 10 helps others starting

We promote growth. Also, that of others.

Our commitment to sustainability doesn't stop with our start-up. We were fortunate enough to find people who believe in us, and our vision. Through their financial support, we were able to take off. We want to pass this good fortune on to others.  

For this reason, we will invest 10% of our profits each year into individuals and organizations that want to contribute to a sustainable future – just as we do. This includes projects that focus on nature conservation, as well as athletic support for children and young individuals.  

We make the donation process as transparent as possible: the amount of the donation is determined by an external auditor. The application process for sustainable projects is published on our website, in which you may be a part of the jury. We also document the use of the funds here on the website and/or our social media channels.

Phase 1: Projects welcome

The application phase runs from the beginning of January to the end of March each year. Send us projects. Where, with what content, and in what format we will announce by the end of the year via our social media channels and homepage.

Phase 2: Voters welcome

We will select between three and five projects from the submissions and present the projects on our homepage and our social media channels. Then it's your turn. Voting will take place from mid-April to mid-May.

Phase 3: Welcoming the Winner

At the end of May, the decision will be announced on our homepage and our social media channels. The amount of the donation will be determined externally, and the use of the funds will be documented afterwards on our channels.