We believe that there are people all over the world who are committed to labor standards and environmental standards and integrate them into their business. However, we could not guarantee to find a producer who shares these standards with us on a foreign continent.

On top of that, we would have a very large carbon footprint when shipping goods all over the world. Therefore, it was very clear to us that we would stay in Europe and work with supplier who we have known for years, and who we know, comply with environmental and social standards. They comply not because they have to, but out of their own principles and beliefs. Our suppliers take transparency so literal, that we can take a look at production on camera at any time.


Organic cotton in perfect workmanship

Out street wear is manufactured in a medium-sized company just 20km north of Porto. We know the owner, Vitor, and have witnessed his work with a focus on cotton and sports fashion for over 20 years. Similar to Vitor knowing some of his 50 employees for more than 20 years.


High Quality Performance Wear

Our performance wear is manufactured in Istanbul. We are thrilled with our producer: by the friendliness and professionalism of the staff, the quality management, the cleanliness in the factory, the sustainability certifications, and even the canteen.