Sustainability isn’t just something that giants can do. For Start-Ups – it’s also possible.

Svenja Müller, World Championship third, 1.92m tall

Sustainability is not a goal, it's a journey.

The truth is, we will never reach our ultimate goal. After all, sustainability is a commitment. Just like in sports, there is, and always will be, room for improvement. Having that said, we wouldn't be athletes if we didn't love challenges. We think of sustainability as holistically as possible: from the product range to materials, production, transportation routes and our growth. Even to the point where we no longer want to grow.


Our assortment

The most sustainable athletic swear will always the one that wasn't produced in the first place. That's why we think very carefully about what we produce. To make sure that we are on the right track, we integrated you, our target group, and asked which products you "really" need. The result is "multi-purpose" athletic wear, which is designed for running, working out in the gym, as well as tennis, among others – and in colors that can be effortlessly combined. In addition to this, we have also thought critically over how much to produce. Our initial production quantity is small. Only if you like our sportswear as much as we do, we will produce in larger quantities.


Our materials

We are athletes and we need to perform - without compromise. At the same time, we have a responsibility to minimize the impact on our natural environment through our choice of materials. Many individuals think of this concept as a tightrope walk where you are always on the move but never actually arrive. We are however proud of where we already stand today: 79% of the materials we use are either sustainably grown organic cotton or recycled functional materials.


Our production

Fairness is just an empty phrase if it doesn't extend beyond the sports field. Similar to the athletic world, we give careful consideration over who joins our team. We have known our producers for years. Medium-sized, innovative companies, that share the same values as we do. They don’t only have superior quality and manufacturing standards, but also value fair working conditions and wages.



For our environment, not only what we send to you is important, but also how. That's why we use FSC-certified hangtags, recycled polybags, and shipping boxes made from recycled paper. We also ship exclusively via DHL GoGreen.


Sustainable growth

We support our 10 athletes and teams in their goals for faster, higher, further. Yet, what is often important within the sports world is sometimes viewed critically within business. The Starting 10 was not founded to generate the greatest possible profit for founders or investors. Instead, we feel bound by our values in everything we do. After all, if you make it your goal to grow endlessly, you rob others of a breeding ground. We donate 10% of our profits each year to individuals and organizations that promote sustainability. If that means we grow more slowly or not at all, that's perfectly fine.

Say no to Greenwashing

Transparent communication

Anyone who claims to be 100% sustainable is lying. Sustainability is a commitment, not a goal. We, too, are not at our destination, but on the way, and are therefore quite open about the stages we have already reached and those we still have to work on.