We're sports enthusiasts who have realized that no one wins when our environment loses. In our search for a cool, sustainable sports brand, we hit a dead end. Resultingly, we broke new ground, and founded an athletic brand that doesn't make profit its goal, but sustainability its commitment. A brand for everyone who wants to get back to the true core of sports. Honesty, transparency, and fairness.

Ten world-class athletes and teams have already joined the transformation. Welcome to Team Change.


We embrace true fairness not only in sports, but also when it comes to people and nature. The concept of sustainability is honored and valued throughout our entire value chain.


When it comes to the concept of sustainability, many myths are often shared. We plan to conquer this with a high level of transparency; in which we are proud to already have a stance. We are looking forward to the road ahead of us.


In sports, we all want to go higher, faster, further – beyond our limits. Having that said, when it comes to the growth of The Starting 10, we deliberately set limits for ourselves. We prefer to promote the growth of others.