Delivering when it counts. Not only in the world of sports.

Clemens Wickler, Vice World Champion

Sustainability is detailed work

We would prefer to deliver our goods to you unpacked and in person. On our run, without causing any CO2 footprint. Unfortunately, this is not realistic. If packaging and shipping cannot be avoided, then they should be as sustainable as possible.


Not all plastic is trash

We would have liked to omit the use of polybags. Unfortunately, that's not possible. Without polybags, the edges of the cardboard packaging pull threads out of the textiles when they rub against each other, the goods take on an odor, and microparticles are created in logistics centers that contaminate light-colored goods, in particular. Therefore, if polybags are to be used, then they should at least have a cool design and be made of recycled plastic.


FSC certified and Made in Europe

When it comes to the shipping box, sustainability was a given for us. At the same time, we thought: “it should still look cool”. We think we succeeded in both: Our shipping carton is FSC certified and consists of at least 60% recycled materials. It is also manufactured in Europe with a comparatively low CO2 footprint. The ink is water-based and contains no petroleum-based plastics. As a result, the cardboard box is fully biodegradable.


Gold certified

It was also important for us to be on the same page as our logistics partner. The logistics building from which The Starting 10 products are shipped was completed in May 2022 and meets the latest environmental standards. It is DGNB Gold certified. DGNB stands for German Sustainable Building Council. The certification is awarded when high standards are achieved in the areas of thermal insulation, heating system, and planting.


DHL goes green – and we join in

DHL is also on a long road towards climate neutrality. Within the group of German carriers, DHL is already at the forefront when it comes to sustainability. Thousands of e-vehicles are used within their delivery fleet, and this trend is only increasing. Every new building is climate neutral. In addition, GoGreen is an established product service that supports climate protection projects to offset emissions. We have nothing against the other carriers, they just don't make the cut. Until now, at least....