Nils Ehlers

Date of birth: 04.02.94

Sport: Beach volleyball

Sporting successes: German Champion '22

Occupation/education: Law studies

Together with Clemens Wickler , Nils Ehlers is currently the best German beach volleyball duo. As a child, Nils tried his hand at almost every sport Berlin-Spandau had to offer.

At the age of 15 and an "extraordinary" growth spurt to ultimately 2.10m, basketball and especially volleyball came more into focus. For a long time, beach volleyball was more of a recreational pastime alongside indoor volleyball.

The fact that Nils now trains at the national beach volleyball training center is due in part to chance: Via a test match of his third-league team against a Bundesliga team, it went to the indoor Bundesliga and from there to the umbrella of the base coaches.

Nils paused his law studies before taking his first state exam and is currently concentrating fully on getting off to a flying start together with Clemens.