Leonie Ebert

Nickname: Little Tiger

Geburtsdatum: 01.01.90

Sport: Fencing / Foil

Sporting successes: European champion, Youth World Champion, 4 times german champion, Olympian

Profession/education: Sports Soldier, Study psychology

Leonie Ebert is the reigning European champion and has been allowed to call herself an Olympian since Tokyo. Inspired by two older competitive sports siblings in national teams, she started in Würzburg with foil fencing and was from the first moment enthusiastic about the sport characterized by athleticism, reaction speed and tactics. Shortly thereafter, she switched to the "goldsmith's shop" of the Olympic base in Tauberbischofsheim. Called up to the women's national team by the Italian national coach at the age of just 15 and dubbed "Little Tiger", she is known for her willpower and fighting spirit. After graduating from high school in 2017, she became part of the German Armed Forces' sports development group in order to set herself up professionally with a specially financed coaching team. In the rare times when she's not on the road for her sport or the Bundeswehr, she studies psychology online on the side or seeks balance by playing the piano, skiing and spending family time at home.