Hannes Ocik

Date of birth: 01.01.90

Sport: rowing

Sporting achievements: three-time world champion, two-time Olympic silver medalist, former stroke of the German eight

Occupation/education: senior police officer, studied sports management

Hannes Ocik is a two-time Olympic silver medalist, three-time world champion and former stroke of the German eight.

Hannes comes from a very sporty family and tried out various sports such as swimming, judo, athletics and triathlon in his childhood and youth.

Through an acquaintance he got into rowing and it quickly became clear: exceptional physical conditions, talent and an irrepressible will were the perfect ingredients to become an excellent rower. Hannes loves to work out, and not only in rowing, but also in "real" life, where he masters the triple burden of sports, job and education.

Hannes is a police chief in the Rostock police force with about 400 hours of compulsory attendance per year and is studying sports management at the distance learning university in Wismar.