Mikaelle Assani

Nickname: Mika

Date of birth: 18.08.2002

Sport: Long jump

Sporting achievements: World's best U20 athlete in 2021, bronze at the U20 European Championships, German U20 champion

Occupation/education: Studied bioengineering

Mikaelle Assani is a long jumper from Karlsruhe with Cameroonian roots.

After winning the German Youth Championships in 2020, she had to take a year off due to injury, only to make a furious return in 2021: In addition to the German U20 championship title and the bronze medal at the U20 European Championships, it is particularly worth mentioning that she was the world's best female U20 athlete in 2021 with a distance of 6.64m.

Mikaelle successfully made the leap to the active ranks with a third-place finish at the DM and is now stalking the world class in the active ranks as well.

In addition to her passion for athletics, Mikalle is passionate about people, nature and her mother's home country of Cameroon.

After graduating from high school, Mikaelle completed a year of voluntary service in a youth hostel and is currently studying bioengineering, also with the ambition of becoming professionally involved in the topic of sustainability after her career.